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Deltyn’s Metallic/Solid ACP and facade panels are widely used for enhancing the exterior looks of buildings for those who seek perfection and “aww” factor. Our products heighten the richness of the exterior view which lasts for years without losing its edge. Facade products are widely used for exterior decoration, industrial usage. Deltyn provides a wide range of Aluminium Metallic/Solid Sheets and facade materials for all your commercial & corporate building requirements which will boost your Brand & Identity and will create an everlasting impression on your visitors.


    • Richness
    • long durability
    • dust Resistant
    • Water/corrosion resistant
    • Metallic nature
    • High strength- excellence in sound and heat insulation

Panel Dimensions

Overall Thickness 3 – 4 mm
Core Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Colors 95- 100 shades
Warranty 10 years*
Application Optimization of spaces in domestic/commercial establishment

*Varies upon the Product Ranges

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